• Shawn Alladio



"Our expectations for the rally were rather simple; complete it, don't suck while doing it, and have a lot of fun. Somewhere in the middle, we both looked at each other and said, we don't suck, holy crap, we've exceeded our expectations."

In fact they soared. They did not suck at all, but they sucked up the energy and turned their mission into one of elevated opportunities.

Their team name 'Fast 'n Curious' is an optimistic giveaway. That means thinking at speed. Thinking ahead, looking down the road and being on target on time.

Kris Vockler and Char O'Day are the creatives behind Team 145.

Kris is also an incredible photographer. She chronicled their Rebelle Rally and the images tell a story with no spoken word.

Their blog post titled 'The Call of the Wild' is an appropriate definition the curious mind that seeks adventure. Getting outside and getting things done. Even ancestral, check out the blog post and listen to the past:

I took my time to read their blog post Rebelle Rally. I hope do as well. You will feel better.

Click on the link and you can go back in time with Kris and Chars adventure

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