• Shawn Alladio

Go Zelda Go!

Chevrolet ZR2 and the 2017 Rebelle Rally get up the hill!

But not alone. Team 140 effort full circle from start to finish they pushed their vehicle along the topography and mapped out their strategy.

Rebecca Donaghe the navigator and Emme Hall the pilot are two outstanding characters that complete the total package.

2017 this team debuted on the Rebelle Rally and they came out of the gate ready to place on the podium. That's a great feat to catapult towards when the challenges are placed on 3 focal points of checkpoints for easy on the green, heavy on the blue and unseen on the black.

Those are checkpoints that are placed under a daily timer and buffered by team aptitude, vehicle functions and the environment.

Emme is featured in a video by the RoadShow by Cnet. This feature really gives you a great feel for the challenges and triumphs.

Emme likes to go fast so the ZR2 was a great asset for her personality. She was able to maintain her speed and carry on. The video pretty much sums up their strategy.

The best thing about these ladies is their smiles. Now that is the interpretation of great team spirit but a determined focused on being competitive during a ranged day event. Check out Emme's review below and Rebelle on!

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