• Shawn Alladio

Team 165 of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Four Months To Go & Here We Are!

Julie Hart and I have known one another for many years. Both of us were professional athletes in the sport of Personal Water Craft Offshore Racing.

Unruly Julie as she is known, and I the Hellwoman are a perfect blend and a ripe age of 'been there done that'. We know what it takes to get through a hardship.


Julie is a person of esteemed character. She has remained unreasonable so she was able to strive for greatness. Boxes are meant to be flattened and saved for recycling. Julie however was the delivery of the next big deal. She has lived a life of traction.


It only takes one thing: will.

Will you do it or won't you do it and why won't you do it?

Oftentimes in life opportunities arise like the Rebelle Rally. It may seem to be out of reach, way over there or just too expensive. It's all relative my dear.

I too had those thoughts and was thinking about how much it would cost and the time. Being a business owner I did the math on the countdown and I realized this was a bargain, a steal and gift in exchange for how much effort, designing, staff and marketing outreach, let alone the tutorials the organizers of the Rebelle Rally have invested. Realizing that I decided to join the team late in the game.

Time you cannot get back. You can not turn back the clock and join when everyone else is doing the Rebelle. You have do this. You want the memories. You know you are the right fit.

You can fundraise, you can find ways in local community support. Excuses are easy.

Honestly these kind of pressures are what can drive you towards greatness you have capped.

And here I am now.

A part of an event that is bigger than self, its a wish list, a dream a vision, but heck its reality now!

Don't miss out. Join the Rebelle Rally. Don't find ten excuses or one. Just do it.

Do it now.

You will feel better.

Ask me how I know?



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